Common Questions

Can I get a lock, helmet, or basket for my bike rental?

Yes, when you rent a cruiser bike, you may have a basket, a helmet and 1 lock for every 2 bikes rented at no extra charge.  Some geared bikes have smaller handlebars, and along with cables, a basket may not fit.

Will Beach Fun Rentals deliver off the island?

Yes, we deliver to many parts of Manatee County.  Delivery on the island is $10 for most items; delivery off island starts at $20. All delivery prices include pick up at the end of your rental.

I am just looking for pricing, can you provide a FREE estimate?

Yes.  Complete the form in the reservations link and you will receive an estimate.  One you approve the estimate we will send you the invoice where you will be able to leave a deposit to finalize your reservation.

Can I return my items after hours?

We ask that only motor vehicles be dropped off after hours.  Park your vehicle in a legal parking spot then place the key in the "key drop box."

My bike got a flat tire or the chain fell off, what should I do?

Make sure you are not stopped in a place of traffic.  Call our store asap and give us the nearest intersection where you are, or the address where the bike can be repaired.  Do not leave the bike unattended or unlocked, as it is still your responsibility.  We are usually quick to help in this situation so you are not stranded.  This happens even with the newest of bikes as the island has many bumpy areas and sharp items on the ground such as broken seashells and prickly type plants.

Where am I allowed to drive my rental cart or scooter?

Both of these are licensed motor vehicles and you may drive these any place you would normally drive your automobile.  They are legal on all roads on the island and they must stay on the island.  Nothing beats driving from your place and going out to dinner on a scooter or golf cart.  They are so much fun!

How old do I have to be to rent and drive a scooter, golf cart or ebike?

You must be 21 years to rent a scooter or golf cart or ebike.

Drivers of scooters and golf carts must be 19 years old and have a valid driver's license.

Drivers of ebikes must be at least 16 years old.

Can I rent a 2 person scooter? 

Yes.  We have the Wolf brand Islander model 49cc scooter in various cool colors.  It carries up to 2 persons with a weight limit of 330 lbs total and a has a top speed of 32mph.  Reservations are suggested.

My Electric Golf Cart is NOT charging, what should i do? 

This is a very common question.  Here are some things to check.

Check the outlet and make sure it has power. Use a hair dryer or other device so you can tell if it's working.  If NOT, then check your fuse box.  If you blew a fuse then reset the breaker and use a different outlet.  If the outlet IS working it may be you have a false reading on your display.  This is very common and is usually the case if you check your gauge immediately after unplugging your cart.  Allow your cart to charge overnight for at least 6 hours and only check the voltage once the cart is unplugged and sitting still.  A full battery will show 54 volts and a dead battery will show 42 volts or less.  If you still have issues call the cell number provided and speak with Steve.